Bradford South Area Committee


Report of the Strategic Director, Place to the meeting of Bradford South Area Committee to be held on 24th March 2021.




Summary statement:

This report provides information on Capital Highway Maintenance funding and makes recommendations on the allocation for Non-Classified road resurfacing schemes and Surface Dressing sites.


It is expected that there will be no disproportionate impact on Equality 8 Diversity from the project recommended for implementation within this report.

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Bradford South Area Committee


This report details the allocation of the capital highway maintenance budget to the Non-Classified road network and Surface Dressing sites for 2021/22 in Bradford South.


The capital highway maintenance element of the Local Transport Plan for all classification of road for Bradford in 2021/22 is anticipated to be £4,286,000.

It is essential that local highway maintenance continues to be prioritised, reflecting the economic and social importance to communities and the need to safeguard the largest single local public asset. As such the allocation is to be prioritised on those roads in most need of maintenance.

The varying types and classifications of roads are routinely monitored by standardised survey equipment. The sites chosen for inclusion are those that have been shown to be in the most need of repair on the most recent survey. This is supplemented by those roads that are known to have suffered increased deterioration due to the ageing process and recent winter weather.

An initial recommended selection of Non-Classified and Surface Dressing sites is included in Appendices 1 and 2 (respectively) attached.

The list of Non-Classified resurfacing sites (Appendix 1) shows an initially recommended priority programme, based on overall condition to the value of £300,000. This is anticipated to be the budget available for Bradford South. A reserve list is also presented within Appendix 1. Members may seek to substitute schemes from the recommended programme for those on the reserve list as is deemed necessary to meet local highway maintenance concerns. Also, if it transpires that it is not feasible to progress any of the originally selected schemes, these will be substituted with alternatives from the reserve lists.

The suggested programme of Surface Dressing sites, totalling 105,157m2 (approx. £315,471) is attached as Appendix 2.

In order that programme delivery can be achieved within the appropriate financial year it is imperative that the committee approves a works programme at this stage.

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Bradford South Area Committee


The total value of schemes on the Appendix 1 list exceeds the likely allocated spend on Non-Classified roads for this financial year. This is in the region of £1.5 million for the whole of the Bradford Metropolitan District, which would equate to around £300,000 for Bradford South.

Indicative funding has been identified for each scheme but the actual cost will be determined through the scheme development process. The identification of a reserve list of works is necessary in order to offset schemes that inevitably will be delayed as a consequence of unforeseen circumstances such as work by statutory bodies and conflicts with other major schemes etc. There may also need to be further adjustment to the programme following the more detailed costing process. Any sites that are deferred for whatever reason will roll over to the following years list.

The total value of the schemes identified in Appendix 2 does not exceed the capital allocation for Surface Dressing, consequently it is the intention that work will be completed on all of those sites listed, however it is possible that some of the schemes may need to be deferred, again likely due to conflicts with works by other bodies, statutory undertakers etc. Any schemes that are deferred for whatever reason will roll over to the following years programme.


A failure to prioritise highway maintenance schemes based upon condition and safety survey data will result in an increased requirement for reactive maintenance and lead to a reduction in road safety conditions and an associated increase in successful insurance claims against the Council.


There are no specific issues arising from this report. The course of action proposed is in accordance with the Councils power as Highway Authority.



GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS IMPACTS There is no impact on the Council’s own and the wider District’s carbon footprint and emissions from other greenhouse gases arising from this report.

COMMUNITY SAFETY IMPLICATIONS Effective maintenance of the highway network is essential to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians and road users alike.







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Bradford South Area Committee HUMAN RIGHTS ACT In formatting the proposals, due regard has been given to the Human Rights Act and there are no implications which have been identified.



The suggested programmes have been determined on the basis of condition surveys, hence the proposed level of funding may differ from ward to ward for the programme year. However it is considered that, over a number of years, monies expended on maintenance works within each Area Committee will even out (proportionate to the length, nature and condition of highways).

AREA COMMITTEE ACTION PLAN IMPLICATIONS The development and implementation of schemes included in this report support priorities within the Bradford South Area Committee Ward Plans.




That the Bradford South Area Committee adopts the recommended schemes detailed in Appendix 1 and 2.

That the Bradford South Area Committee adopts the recommended schemes detailed in Appendix 1 and 2, with any substitutions (to a similar value) from the reserve list in Appendix 1.


That the Bradford South Area Committee approves the proposed programme of works as shown in Appendix 1 and 2.



Appendix 1 Highway Maintenance Proposed Capital Programme for Non—PRN

(Non-classified roads).

11.2 Appendix 2 Proposed Programme for Surface Dressing.

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Appendix 1 - Highway Maintenance Proposed Capital Programme for Non-PRN (Non-classified roads)

Ward From To Length | Budget

Priority Sites Smiddles Lane, West Bowling Wibsey Broadway Avenue No 72 60 £10,000 Storr Hill, Wyke Wyke Full Length 330 £23,000 Odsal Road Service Road, Odsal Wibsey House No 15 House No 71 240 £22,000 Smith Avenue, Wibsey Wibsey Dawson Avenue Southfield Avenue 190 £20,000 St Helena Rd / Reevy Rd Roundabout | Wibsey/Royds | Roundabout / approaches 60 £14,000 Tyersal Lane, Holmewood Tong Railway Bridge Broadstone Way 150 £26,000 Hallbank Drive / Close, West Bowling Wibsey Full Length 210 £18,000 Glenroyd Avenue, Low Moor Wyke Full Length (M) 180 £9,000 Blackstone Avenue, Wyke Wyke Full Length M 160 £8,000 Corporal Lane, Queensbury Queensbury | Jackson Hill Lane New Bed inc drainage 300 £18,000 Roper Lane, Queensbury Queensbury Halifax Road No 22 inc culvert repair 120 £25,000 Birks Fold, Lidget Green Great Horton | Full Length 220 £24,000 Dixon Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Full Length 180 £15,000 Raeburn Drive, Buttershaw Royds Farfield Road No 33/35 220 £18,000 Buttershaw Drive, Buttershaw Royds Reevy Road West Welburn Mount 240 £20,000 Buttershaw Drive, Buttershaw Royds Oval Section (M) 70 £3,000 Clayfield Drive, Little Horton Great Horton | Full Length (M) 100 £4,000 Cresswell Place / Terrace Great Horton | Old Road Ascot Avenue 110 £11,000 Cropredy Close, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length 120 £12,000 Total | £300,000

Reserve Sites Arkwright Street, Tyersal Tong Full Length 230 £32,000 Albert Crescent, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length (M) 90 £3,000 Barden Avenue, Buttershaw Royds Full Length 420 £52,000 Beacon Brow, Horton Bank Top Queensbury | Full Length (M) 130 £5,500

Bierley Lane, Bierley Tong Section adjacent to Currer

Avenue 100 £18,000 Boltby Lane, Buttershaw Royds Farfield Avenue Reevy Crescent (M 230 £10,000 Buttershaw Drive, Buttershaw Royds Ovel Section (M) 70 £3,000 Deanstones Lane, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length 750 £58,000 Edgehill Close, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length 80 £10,000 Edward Turner Close, Low Moor Royds Full Length (M) 80 £3,500

Eltham Grove, Buttershaw Royds Full Length (M) 80 £3,000 Esmond Street, Great Horton Great Horton | Full Length (M) 50 £2,500 Griffe Drive, Wyke Wyke Full Length (M) 250 £17,000 Grouse Moor Lane, Queensbury Queensbury Sections (HRA) 60 £9,000 Hill End Lane, Queensbury Queensbury Ford Hill Depot entrance 70 £9,000 Hollingwood Lane Great Horton | Old Railway Bridge Hollingwood Drive 200 £22,000 Jackson Hill Lane, Queensbu Queensbu Full Length 280 £23,000 Kirkley Avenue, Wyke Wyke Full Length (M) 100 £6,000 Lower Wyke Green, Wyke (Ancient

Highway) Wyke Full Length 225 £16,000 Mossy Bank Close, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length (M) 170 £7,000 Necropolis Road, Lidget Green Great Horton | Cemetery Road End 380 £39,000

New Bed nr Ambulance

Northside Road, Lidget Green Great Horton | Northside Terrace Station 220 £23,000 Pendle Court, Queensbury Queensbury Full Length 40 £15,000 Ramsden Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Odd numbers 45 £5,000 Ramsden Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Even numbers 80 £9,000 Reevy Drive, Buttershaw Royds Harbour Road 3 Mostyn Grove (M) 70 £6,000 Reevy Drive, Buttershaw Royds Reevylands Drive Verdun Gr inc junction (M) 90 £7,000 Reynolds Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Top Section No 1 to 23 50 £5,000 Rook Lane, Odsal Tong Cul de sac section 60 £7,000 Rooley Lane, Odsal Wibsey Mayo Avenue Manchester Road 580 £72,000 Runswick Street, Bankfoot Wibse Full Length 135 £16,000 Salisbury Road, Low Moor Royds Full Length (M) 45 £2,000 Scholemoor Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Clayton Road Brooksbank Avenue 250 £28,000 Southmere Grove, Great Horton Great Horton | Southmere Avenue Ewart Street (M) 110 £4,500 South Street, Oakenshaw Wyke Cleckheaton Road Boundary 40 £8,250 Thorncroft Road, Wibsey Wibsey Full Length 290 £30,000 Verdun Road, Wibsey Royds Harbour Road Reevy Drive 125 £14,000 Walker Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton | Full Length 90 £10,000 Windy Bank Lane, Queensbury Queensbury | Crooked Lane School Cote Brow 280 £25,000

Appendix 2 Proposed Programme for Surface Dressing

Site Ward Area From To Post Code Stirling Cres, Holmewwod Tong 1446 | Heysham Dr Copgrove Road BD4 0DB Sutton Cres, Tyersal Tong 2124 | Full Length BD4 8NA Kyffin Place, Tyersal Tong 806 | Full Length BD4 8NB Dence Green, Tyersal Tong 528 Full Length BD4 8LR Rockhill Lane, Berley Tong 3077 | Full Length BD4 6QB Boy Lane, Bierley Tong 543 Full Length BD4 6DL Holme Wood Road, Holmewood Tong 4326 Full Length BD4 9EA Haslemere Close, Holmewood Tong 1000 Full Length BD4 9LB Halesworth Cres, Holmewood Tong 2378 Full Length BD4 0BH Dudley Street, Tyersal Tong 1935 | Full Length BD4 8LL Grain Street, Little Horton Great Horton 145 Haycliffe Road End BD5 9EZ Halton Place, Little Horton Great Horton 400 Haycliffe Hill Road End BD5 9HE Haycliffe Hill Rd, Little Horton Great Horton 378 Clover Street End BD5 9EY Haycliffe Road, Little Horton Great Horton 799 Haycliffe Terrace Clover Street BD5 9HB Haycliffe Terr, Little Horton Great Horton 369 Haycliffe Road End BD5 9HD Clover Street, Little Horton Great Horton 500 | Haycliffe Road End BD5 9HA A6177 Rooley Lane, Bankfoot Wibsey 5071 24 165 BD5 8LX Northdale Mount, Little Horton Wibsey 1425 | Full Length BD5 9AP Northdale Cres, Little Horton Wibsey 710 Full Length BD5 9AR Northdale Ave, Little Horton Wibsey 464 Full Length BD5 9AT Hawes Crescent, Wibsey Wibsey 182 Full Length BD5 9AS Northfield Grove, Wibsey Wibsey 760 | Full Length BD6 1LD The Folly Hall Gdns, Wibsey Wibsey 504 | Full Length BD6 1UW Boltby Lane, Buttershaw Royds 2298 Farfield Avenue Reevy Crescent BD6 2BH Buttershaw Drive Oval Section Royds 973 _ | No 129 No 173 BD6 3SA Chartwell Drive, Buttershaw Royds 1492 | Beacon Road Lime Vale Way BD6 3EW Eaglesfield Drive Top section Royds 2144 | Fenwick Drive (156) Closure BD6 2QJ Future Fields, Buttershaw Royds 1474 | Chartwell Drive Industrial Units BD6 3DA Siskin Drive, Clayton Heights Queensbury 1248 | Full Length BD6 3YQ The Birdwalk, Clayton Heights Queensbury 517 Sheila Henry Drive Condor Close BD6 3XB C111 Cleckheaton Road Wyke 8006 | Boundary No. 856 2 New Works Rd BD6 7DF C111 Cleckheaton Road Wyke 2192 | 26 (Glenfield Ave) Odsal rbt BD6 1BE A6036 Rooley Ave(Odsal bound) Wyke 5745 | M606 Odsal rbt BD6 1EZ Oakroyd Avenue, Wibsey Wibsey 176 | Full length BD6 1RG

Oakroyd Road, Wibsey Wibsey 905 Full length BD6 1RF Acre Lane, Wibsey Wibsey 104 LC 2 Setts BD6 1LG Kenmore Road, Wibsey Wibsey 1475 | Full length BD6 3JF Oakdale Crescent, Wibsey Wibsey 616 Full length BD6 1RW St Abbs Drive, Wibsey Wibsey 2762 | Full length BD6 1EJ St Abbs Close, Wibsey Wibsey 421 | Full length BD6 1EW St Abbs Fold, Wibsey Wibsey 346 Full length BD6 1EL St Abbs Gate, Wibsey Wibsey 574 Full length BD6 1ER St Abbs Walk, Wibsey Wibsey 668 Full length BD6 1EP St Abbs Way, Wibsey Wibsey 916 Full length BD6 1ER Ascot Gdns, Horton Bank Top Royds 388 Ascot Parade End BD7 4NL Brooksbank Ave, Scholemoor Great Horton 1031 Scholemoor Avenue Walker Avenue BD7 2RT Dixon Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton 210 Odd Numbers BD7 2PQ Dixon Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton 543 Even Numbers BD7 2PH Esmond Street, Great Horton Great Horton 464 Norland Street End BD7 4DX Scholemoor Ave, Lidget Green Great Horton 1604 | Clayton Road Brooksbank Ave BD7 2RX Lidget Place, Lidget Green Great Horton 1231 | Beckside Road Lidget Terrace BD7 2LP Southmere Ave, Great Horton Great Horton 703 Southmere Road End BD7 3NU Southmere Gr, Great Horton Great Horton 673 Ewart Street Southmere Ave BD7 3NX Walker Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton 603 Necropolis Road No 27 BD7 2RN Walker Avenue, Lidget Green Great Horton 335 Brooksbank Ave No 85 BD7 2RT Wyvern Close, Lidget Green Great Horton 350 | Full Length BD7 2TA : Durlston Wilson Road, Wyke Wyke 4646 PUJE SAINA a = PDI AHD Villa Mount, Wyke Wyke 1524 | Full length BD12 9LD Paddock Close, Wyke Wyke 297 Full length BD12 9LB Meadow View, Wyke Wyke 683 Full length BD12 9LA B6379 Town Gate, Wyke Wyke 2932 | no 6 Griffe Rd HRA bed end BD12 9JB B6379 Huddersfield Road Wyke 2208 | Mayfield Ave Elizabeth Ave BD12 8ND A641 Huddersfield Road Wyke / Royds 6541 | End of dual Park Bottom BD12 OUD C111 Cleckheaton Road Wyke 6240 | Sal Royd Road Common Road BD12 0TW Sal Royd Road, Wyke Wyke 1473 | Full Length BD12 OJN Appleby Close, Queensbury Queensbury 97 Full Length BD13 2TB Julian Drive, Clayton Heights Queensbury 625 Full Length BD13 1HF Moor Close Parade Queensbury 756 Full Length BD13 2JG Moor Close Road Queensbury 3741 | Full Length BD13 2EA Pinebury Drive Queensbury 335 Full Length BD13 2TA 105157